Lokale Besluiten Linked Open Data

A short introduction

Lokale Besluiten als geLinkte Open Data (Local Decisions as Linked Open Data) is a project by the Flemish Agency for Local Government (Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur - ABB), launched in 2015 to increase the quality of the data streams between local administration, the Flemish government, and the public. The aim is to increase the efficiency of administration and provide better access to public information.
Redpencil is proud to have helped the Flemish agency for Local Government develop an award-winning new framework for sharing, recording, and publishing the policy decisions of municipalities, provinces, and other local organizations as Linked Open Data

A ‘data first’ application framework

LBLOD is a web of distributed applications working together to create an ecosystem on top of a Linked Open Data platform. Redpencil worked with ABB to create a domain-specific data model and linked data vocabularies. We helped design exchange specifications between over 800 independent parties.

We also collaborated with ABB to create an application for finding information about local officeholders (Mandatendatabank). Relevant data is also available through a SPARQL endpoint (Centrale Vindplaats). LBLOD data is published as Linked Open Data for easy integration with third-party applications, web pages, and tools.


Gelinkt Notuleren — Linked minutes

Streamlining processes and data flows is a central part of LBLOD. To achieve this, Redpencil developed a new semantic word processor.

Gelinkt Notuleren simplifies the process of creating official meeting minutes and documents for local officials. It works in a browser, suggests text, imports links, and data — and automatically semantically annotates, reports, and publishes the decisions.

Gelinkt Notuleren was made public as the Open Source project 'Say-editor'.

Awards for LBLOD

LBLOD has been repeatedly recognized as a project that improves the efficiency and openness of local governance in Flanders

Key elements

LBLOD is an ensemble of many elements that work together in harmony. A true revolution in the way in transformed the way the flemish government handles data.