Who we are

Our story

We were founded by 5 experienced technology professionals in 2017. The idea was to develop business-critical and user-oriented web-applications that have impact based on open data standards.

What users want from data is insights. Insight is gained when knowledge interacts with knowledge: therefore, data should flow freely throughout systems, rather than being stored in ‘data silos’.

That is why we prefer to work with semantically structured data models, which allow for data reusability, seamless integration, easy sharing, and automatic enrichment. In short, more insight, less waste.

Since our founding, we have kept growing. Based in the heart of Brussels, we have an international outlook, and our coworkers come from all across Europe.

What are we all about?

Some of the things we like

  • open source
  • Open source

    We consider ourselves an Open source company. Whenever possible we prefer to use Open Source, we contribute to open source projects, and we publish our work under open source licenses when we can.

  • Open standards

    We prefer not to publish data using proprietary standards, as we think this is often inefficient. By instead adopting open standards and semantics, we make our data more powerful and interoperable.

  • Distributed solutions

    Too often, web services and applications rely on a single point of failure. By switching to decentralized models, we make our products faster and more reliable.

  • Research

    We prize innovation above everything else. We contribute to several research projects and invest substantially in research and development, including Open source projects.

  • open source

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